A list of the services we offer:

We are able to care for your smaller Animals like Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Hamsters etc.

* Occasional Dog Walking

* Doggy Day Care

* Dog Boarding in our homes

* "Let Out" visits

* Cat & Small animal visits

The services we offer are tailored to each owners requirements.

Day Care for your dogs in our homes
If you wish for your dog to come and stay with us and our dogs for the day this can be arranged.

Dog Boarding
Your dog is welcome to stay with us and our dogs in our homes whilst you are away on holiday. (Uncastrated Dogs and Bitches on heat an exception)

Occasional Dog Walking
We can offer an occasional Dog Walking service (subject to availability)

"Let out" service
We will go to visit your dog to let out into the garden and keep them company.

Cat Visits
We will visit your Cat/Cats once or twice per day, feed and give fresh water. We will clean litter trays and wash feed bowls, clean all utensils and remove all packaging as we consider cleanliness is paramount. Your Cat/Cats will be loved and cared for as if they were our own.

Additional Services
We can also offer general help as needed. e.g.: putting out/bringing in Bins, watering house/garden plants and Baskets, drawing Curtains, bringing in the post etc.









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